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Sunday, 27 October 2019

How To Add Payoneer Account In Google Adsense 2019

How To Add Payoneer Account In Google Adsense - if you live india,pakistan and other countries and your Adsense account is in united states or united kingdom then you use this idea To receive outside payment by add payoneer Account in Google Adsense.
How To Add Payoneer Account In Google Adsense 2019

how you can take Google Adsense account payment to someone else country?

So friends first you have to make the payoneer account, you need to open your browser first, then I'll have to type in the search bar , Type Payoneer after then website will be the first to click it.
If you click on the first  website, you'll get an interface so you'll be asked to sign up with the gmail. Friends After Sing Up Payoneer Send verification link to your gmail then verify it and after opening payoneer account it will ask from you ID-Card Number type your ID-Card Number after click on go to account then your account is ready.
So friends it will provide three bank address of international countries bank aaccount to be a bank of Germany will be one of the United States and the United Kingdom.

How To Add Payoneer Account In Google Adsense?

So guys you have to do now go to AdSense if your AdSense is created in United State, then you have to copy the Bank of United States which payoneer will provide and then you have to go in Google Adsense Then on payments option after that click on the add a Payment Method in Adsense then put the bank detail on what we have picked from payoneer.
friends then have some payment deposit in the payneer by adsense for Verification, and then  it will be received in paypneer then we type received payment in adsense then it will verified.
So friends will get you payment every month from adsense to payoneer, so you can withdraw that payment from any country.

How to receive payoneer payment in other countries?

To receive your payment on payoneer, you need to send your payoneer bank's detailes and then you will be sent to the bank address which person will sending the payment to you. So guys in this payment will receive to you in your payoneer account.

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