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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Google Adsense Verify Address In 2019

Google Adsense Verify Address In 2019

Google Adsense Verify Address In 2019
Friends if you are a Google AdSense member And Earning from Google AdSense. Then you need to verify your address.

When Google Adsense Verify Address?

After making 10$ dollars. Google AdSense verify address So friends after making 10$ Google will Send You Latter To Verify That It's you who receive payment. 

Google Adsense Verification Documents? 

After Making 10$ Google Ask You To Upload Any document To verify that it's you after uploading documents like 
  • passport
  • Driving license 
  • National ID-card 

After putting any of these Document Google send you a letter. Usually, Everyone uploads National ID-Card to verify. After you receive latter On which Five digits code Written by Google You need to put that code in your Google AdSense address verify. After putting that code to your AdSense account will be verified. So, how can we do that? Let's see it. 

Google Adsense Verify Address Process!

So, first of all, you need to Find your Home address After finding the home address, you need to go to Google After open website Sign in with Gmail on which you make $10 after that Fill that address in to 
  • address lines 
  • City 
  • Country 
  • mobile number
After filling these You need to submit. After submitting, it will take one day after one day Google will send you a letter which letters photo I Shown You upside Like this everyone's code was separate and copy that code and paste to your box. so first of all Unbox that later And fill that code which is written by Google. Type that code in box Address verifies Open AdSense go to payments. Click on verify Then type the code which is given in AdSense verify address later after putting that code click on submit. Then it will take usually one or two hours to verify your account. After that. Your account will be successfully verified in this method. You can verify you are Google AdSense verify address. So this is quite easy to verify you are Google AdSense address. 
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