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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Advance Ways To Make Money On Blogger In 2019-2020

Advance Ways To Make Money On Blogger In 2019

Advance Ways To Make Money On Blogger In 2019

Hello guys, welcome to our blog and today in this Post. I'm going to tell you how you can Make Money On Blogger on blog

How To Create a Blog? 

So guys, first of all, you need to create a Gmail account after creating a Gmail account. You need to go to the Chrome browser after going to the Chrome browser. You need to go and search in the search bar. You need to type after going to You need to select your Gmail account after selecting your Gmail account. You'll be asked to do by Google blogger that which type of name you should want to set on your blogger website. So you need to select any of one name which is in your mind after selecting the name of your website blog.

How To Publish Posts?

You can publish your all posts which post you created and then you will be able to earn money from Google Adsense by publishing posts. Now See That How To Publish Posts, first of all, create a post then type a name and type a post of minimum 500 words post then explain everything in easy methods and type a perfect tag in your post and then search description of 30 words which will easily help you to make more traffic. So this is a very easy and simple way to Make Money On Blogger In 2019.

Advance Ways To Make Money On Blogger In 2019

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog?

How to get traffic on your blog After writing good articles We can get the help of social media to get more traffic on our blog.
Guys, we can use Pinterest Quora. And Facebook to get traffic on our blog.
First of all, you can create an account on Pinterest And Facebook.
Then you need to copy the URL of your blog which URL you want to make traffic? After selecting URL you need to go Facebook or Pinterest then
Share that URL with you are Friends And publish it in community. After publishing that URL in community you can get traffic easily on your blog. So this way we can get traffic on our blog.

How To Make Money On Blogger? 

Friends You Can Make Money On blogger by placing ads of google Adsense and also use propeller ads and amazon affiliate ads these three platforms which through you can make money on blogger monetize with them and start getting paid.

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